BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) 1.7 APK Download (PUBG Mobile India)

Hi guys hopefully you all are fine and enjoying December 2021. Team tontonmelayu is once again is here to give you latest information about the latest winter update of BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) from v 1.6 to v 1.7 with all new features. It is the officially 3rd update of BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) by  Krafton since its launch in India.

This article is all about the latest update of PUBG Mobile India which is going to be launched with all new and modern features. Here in this article we will provide you the PUBG Mobile India APK Download link, before this update 1.6 v of BGMI was running successfully all across the India but the latest updated v 1.7 of BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) will add so many things your gaming experience.

Battleground Mobile India Download Link APK

The date of release of updated version of BGMI was 18 November 2021. At the day of 18 November 2021 BGMI Apk download link was available on Google Playstore. New updated is full features like game Mirror Mode Evo and Ground Modes. If you want to download this updated v 1.7 of BGMI then the trusted sources are Google Playstore, Apple Store as well as you can directly download the PUBG updated version from our website.

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the PUBG version of India. In 2019 after conflict with China Indian Government banned many Chinese applications due to National Security issues including PUBG Global. The gaming company Krafton again launched Indian version of PUBG Battleground Mobile India in July 2021. This game is little bit different from the original Global version of PUBG you cannot use Royal Pass and the price of UC is high in this game. It is based on Indian Cultures and Festivals. You cannot add Global friend in the BGMI because it is made for only Indian People.

The great encouraging news is that you can migrate your PUBG account to BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) with the help of Facebook and Twitter. We already have published a detailed article about:

How to transfer PUBG global account to BGMI (Indian PUBG).

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.7 Update

BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) is amultiplayer Indian Royale Battle game which is free of cost. In BGMI you choose the certain map and after landing in that specific you make strategies and combat with your enemies. If you play the latest version of this Indian PUBG Apk version after each update you get rewards in the shape of outfits and weapon skins. The latest version of BGMI Apk is full new skills and items and the intense battles in Erangel, Livik and Sanhok!

BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) 1.7 APK Details

NameBattlegrounds Mobile India APK ( BGMI APK)
File Size721 MB
PublisherKRAFTON Inc
SupportsAndroid 5.0 & Up
Android Update18 November 2021
IOS Update19 November 2021


The latest version of BGMI need 4GB ram or 6 GB ram of PC to run. You don’t need to uninstall the previously installed version of BGMI in your computer. Just shift on from v 1.6 to v 1.7 of BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) without losing any data.

BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) 1.7 Update Patch Notes

Battleground Mobile India 1.7 has already launched with superb latest features. This update of Battlegrounds Mobile India has opened the whole new world of Nostalgia because all of your favorite’s maps and locations of PUBG are back now. In the new updated v1.7 of BGMI PUBG India the players will be introduced to new mode known as Mirror World. They will fight as Vi, Jinx, Jayce and Caitlyn. Each character is fully equipped with different types of weapons so the enjoyment level of users will increase. In the last Arcane from the League of Legends will also appear by defeating him users will be rewarded by different items.

PUBG Mobile India Download

Free Classic Crate Coupons

By updating the BGMI from v 1.6 to v 1.7 everyone will get 2 free Classic Crate Coupons as a reward on each update of BGMI.

League of Legends:

Two best animations The League of Legends and Arcane are also included in the latest updated PUBG Indian version 1.7.0.

Hextech Crystals

As you know about the Drone Credits feature of PUBG Global similarly in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Hextech Crystals is introduced in this feature you can go to Dynahex Supply Shop and can purchase items of your choice in the match.

Arcane Monster:

If you defeat Arcane Monster in this latest updated v1.7 of BGMI (PUBG) you will be rewarded with many items including Hextech Crystals for free.

Carry Feature/Piggyback

Through this feature you can carry any knocked play on your back weither he is your teammate or enemy. While carrying a person you cannot drive a vehicle or fire even your running speed will be slow.

DP28 Rebalanced Feature

It is most important feature of BGMI it will reduce bullet speed, reduce headshot damage and reduce long run damage.

The most important announcement of this update of PUBG India is it will bring back the old Modes of PUBG to you.

  • Survive Till Dawn
  • Payload 2.0
  • Runic Power
  • Vikendi
  • Metro Royale: Reunion
  • Infection Mode

How to Install BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) 1.7 Update APK

If you want to download and install the updated version 1.7 of BGMI then follow some steps below:

  1. First connect your device to Wife before downloading any APK File.
  2. Checkout your device storage is enough for the APK file.
  3. If you are downloading from Google Play Store then simply click on Install tap but if you are downloading it from other sources then allow Apps to be installed from Unknown sources. Settings> Safety and Privacy and enable “Install Apps From Unknown Sources”.
  4. Now Install the APK file from the provided link button.
  5. Launch the game BGMI and login into your credentials.
  6. Now Install the OBB file and you can delete the APK file now.

This is all about the latest BGMI 1.7 update of BGMI. Download now and for any query let us know in comments section below Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions

BGMI is Battlegrounds Mobile India which is also known as Indian Version of PUBG.

BGMI is now officially released by Krafton from 18 November 2021 on Google Playstore.

Simply you can download it from Google Playstore, Apple Store or from our website link.

No you can simply install it and enjoy your BGMI without any VPN because it is made for Indian People.

The latest BGMI is full of latest features of PUBG like Mirror World,Survive Till Dawn, Piggyback and The Leagues of Legend.

The most trusted source of BGMI updated version install is Google Playstore. Apkpure is also trusted source but we don’t recommend.

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