BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) x Spider-Man: No Way Home Collaboration Fixed. leaked Images!

Hi, Battlegrounds Mobile India lovers hope you all are doing well and enjoying. Today we are in front of you with great news. As we all know that Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Spider-Man: No Way Home is released all across the World including India. But something is coming big Collab of Spider Man: No Way Home and PUBG.

The news is that BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) and Spider- Man: No Way Home are collaborating with each other. It is a great news for Spider Man: No Way Home, BGMI and PUBG lovers.

“Spider Man: No Way Home” is using every possible source to promote their movie. Collaboration with PUBG is a great news because with Spider Man: No Way Home theme PUBG players will get New Guns, Crazy Outfits, Graphics and Special Rewards. The Collaboration of “Spider Man: No Way Home” will open many things for PUBG gamers they will enjoy the latest features of Spider Man in PUBG.

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What is PUBG Mobile India x Spider-Man: No Way Home Collaboration?

Spider Man: No Way Home is a movie of Peter (Spider Man) which is released all across the world on 16-December-2021. Recently BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) official Facebook and Twitter account shared picture of helmet with something spidey across the helmet. It shows the Spider Man: No Way Home collaboration with PUBG Mobile India to make this movie Blockbuster.

As we all know that the movie Spider Man: No Way Home is released there is high level of excitement of its fans all across the world. But the collaboration of Spider Man: No Way Home with PUBG Mobile is very great news for all PUBG lovers as well. We know that the interface and events of PUBG are same as BGMI so hopefully Spider Man: No Way Home will also collaborate with BGMI.

Here is leaked image from Official BGMI Facebook and Twitter account:

PUBG Collaboration with Spider Man No Way Home Poster

As it can be seen in the shared Poster of PUBG (BGMI) that a Spider Man Super hero and a helmet donned character of BGMI wearing white shirt and grey trouser. A building can be seen in the poster where our Super Hero love to swing.

On a shared Poster by BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) a tagline “Swing into Spider Man Zone” with complemented phrase “Welcome to The Multiverse” can be seen. If we had to analyze this mention tagline, we can expect swinging actions in PUBG and BGMI. Enemies of Spider Man in an infection virus style mode can be seen so we can expect huge change with this collaboration of BGMI with “Spider Man: No Way Home”.

Expectations to PUBG Mobile x Spider-Man: No Way Home collaboration.

PUBG Mobile has got high ratings all across the world. Therefore, Collab of “Spider Man: No Way Home” with PUBG will definitely increase the audience of movie. But with this Collab PUBG and BGMI true Gamers will see new events and new modes within maps. At the same time, they will get rewards and points with this Collab of PUBG with “Spider Man: No Way Home”. Gamers have to show their skills by competing their enemies to win rewards.

The expected things in BGMI with this collaborations

  • Spider Man Kit
  • Spider Man Mask
  • Skills of Spider Man
  • Maps of “Spider Man: No Way Home” Movie
  • Vehicles
  • New Guns
  • New Avatar
  • New Bag Skin
  • Charming Parachute Skin

Big Collaborations of PUBG Other than “Spider Man: No Way Home”

Collab of PUBG and BGMI with “Spider Man: No Way Home” is neither a big nor a small because before “Spider Man: No Way Home” PUBG also collaborated with “Angry Birds” movies that was hit movie. PUBG also collaborated with Arcane during the release of Netflix’s League of Legends. Krafton introduced “Mirror World” feature as a result of Collaboration with Arcane League of Legends. The BGMI underwent huge transformation after this collaboration similar thing can be expected in case of collab with “Spider Man: No Way Home”.


So, this all about BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) Collaboration with Spider Man: No Way Home. Hopefully this collaboration will be a great adventure in BGMI and PUBG. As Spider Man: No Way Home is creating huge hype across world and in India so it is expected that this collaboration will result in many features in BGMI. Stay cool and keep enjoying let us know in comments if you know about this collaboration Thank You.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 100% true for further details check here.

Yes, we can expect that BGMI and “Spider Man: No Way Home” will collaborate because after collaboration of PUBG with Spider Man: No Way Home.

Yes, it can be assumed because PUBG collaboration with Arcane League of Legends had introduced Mirror World feature same thing can be expected from this collaboration.

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