BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) Titles; Easiest and Hardest Titles of BGMI (PUBG) to Achieve in 2021

BGMI Battlegrounds (PUBG mobile India) is getting its optimum ratings in gaming sector of the country on Android and iOS systems. More than 50 Million players have downloaded it. It has been given titles like Grenadier, Perfectionist, Warhorse and Veteran which are got by playing tasks present in the game. Some of the titles are easy to get but most of them are difficult ones and these can only be got by playing hard tasks of the game.

I am here for you to share my best experience as I’m playing the BGMI (Indian PUBG) mobile India game from its early access to the players and I’ve got all of the titles. I will tell you the best ways how to get these titles through easy play of the game. So now, here we go and get it from me for enjoying best play. First of all I share list of the titles here as follow;

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Skills & Achievements

Best in skills and well achievers of perfection, these two are key for the Indian version of PUBG in BGMI form which lead them to get best in all titles. Players of the BGMI pubg mobile India are skilled and expert for achievements of the BGMI. Celebration Expert is the only title which is delivered to those players who have been pre registered in Battlegrounds Mobile India PUBG (BGMI).

All 24 Titles of BGMI (Battlegrounds India PUBG)

  • Well-liked
  • Weapon Master
  • Life-Long Learner
  • Ace Title
  • Conqueror Title
  • Star Trainer
  • Warhorse
  • Celebration Expert
  • Maxed Out
  • Pacifist
  • Collector
  • Overachiever
  • Chicken Dinner
  • Glass Cannon
  • Perfectionist
  • Unique Destiny
  • BattlegroundSM Dominator
  • BattlegroundSM Warlord
  • BattlegroundSM Warrior
  • Veteran
  • On a Mission
  • Mythic Fashion
  • Dead Eye / Sharp Shooter
  • Preservance
Titles in BGMI or PUBG Mobile India

Steps to Get Titles in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India)

  1. To get any of the title of BGMI you will go to BGMI ( Battlegrounds Mobile India) PUBG first and open it.
  2. Let you to get finger touch the bottom right side options
  3. There you will select the option of Achievements
  4. You are in the final stage to join in getting any of the title you want to get and let yourself to play that.
  5. Whenever you select an option or title to play then complete it to find you in achievers.

How to get Perfectionist title in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India)

To gain Perfectionist Title in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) you have to upgrade your elite pass for almost months in a row and simultaneously you need to upgrade the elite pass for almost 6 seasons in a row if you want to unlock the Perfectionist Title in PUBG.

8 Easiest Titles of BGMI for You to Get

  1. Well-Liked: This is the much easiest title in the BGMI to get for the players. When a player gets his/her profile completed on BGMI and plays titles then there he/she gets likes after end of any task by team mates. Once a players crosses 1000 likes then this title is named to him/her
  2. Overachiever: Players of BGMI who are skillful and get points when complete games. When a player gets 2800 or more achievement points then gets this title named to him/her.
  3. Weapon Master: As this title is open to know by its name, it will be gifted to that player who will kill 6 enemies by 6 different weapons consecutively like Vehicle, SMG, Throw able, Sniper, Assault, Shot Gun etc. But here the condition for the player is to play on Solo Classic Server
  4. Warehouse: This title is bit harder by the above mentioned titles but in this case one will have to complete minimum two of the missions (Assault Mastery, SMG Mastery, Melee Mastery, Shot Gun Mastery, Sniper Mastery and Pistol Mastery) OR to complete the Gun Master Mission.
  5. Ace Title: In this title player will complete the missions to Reach the ACE and will be entitled the Ace Title
  6. Perfectionist: You will have to purchase the six consecutive Elite Royale Passes to be the perfectionist.
  7. Dead Eye/Sharp Shooter: This title is also an easy one to get as to get pass from Platinum Tier or above. In this title you will 3 enemies with headshots on a distance not less than 50m in Solo Classic Match.
  8. Preservance: BGMI title preservance is easy one to avail when you get 6 Elite Royle Pass. In BGMI there is monthly RP system when a report is generated for a month of any players performance. You will get Elite Royale Pass for 360 UC and Elite Plus Royale Pass for 960 UC.

Most Difficult or the Hardest Titles to Achieve in BGMI

These titles are much harder than those ones which I told you in above. Only Pro Players or the Rich Players can name these titles to their assets through BGMI currency use which they collect through hard play and skills.  Here I want to tell you 5 hardest titles for you to get which I felt difficult to get while playing BGMI.

  1. Pacifist: This title is got when you find a free chicken dinner  but here the condition is that you get this winning Platinum Tier through 0 kill till ending the task.
  2. Unique Destiny: This title goes to those players who get 6000 or more achievements points in their win tables.
  3. Chicken Master
  4. On a Mission
  5. Mythic Fashion

Maxed Out is the only title which has not been achieved by anyone yet as it has been so much hardest one. I shared all of my playing skills and best experiences with you in a simplest way. If you found my guidelines good one for you then don’t forget to bookmark our website for further magical information about Battlegrounds BGMI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly click on achievements sections and the list of available mission will be infront of you and then you have to complete those missions to achieve the Warhorse Title in PUBG Mobile India.

For Grenadier Title in BGMI or PUBG you need to kill minimum 5 to 6 in each match with Grenade then sure you will be rewarded with Grenadier Title.

You have to become weapon mastery level up to 5 by using all guns to achieve Veteran Title in BGMI.

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