Chicken Expert: How to Get Chicken Master Title in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) & PUBG Mobile Global

You want to win chicken master title in BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) and PUBG? Then start with some rules to achieve this milestone. Chicken mater title is Hardest titles in BGMI and PUBG. To win this title you need patience, consistency and great gaming skills. You have to play a Solo Classic Match with title platinum or above. PUBG chicken dinner meaning achievement of master title by killing all of your enemies.

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How to get Chicken Master Title in BGMI and PUBG

To win chicken master title you must be platinum tier or above of this. For chicken master title you have to play a Solo Classic Match and have to win these Solo Classic Plays in different way. For this you have to play minimum 10 solo classics matches where you will kill the last enemy in each of the match with different weapons.

Here is the list through which you can understand:

  • Use SMG and kill your last enemy and win a match
  • In second solo classic match use pistol to final blow and win a match.
  • In your third game you have to win by using Light Gun Machine.
  • Use vehicles to kill the last enemy and win a match.
  • Use Crossbow to deal the final and win a match.

Similarly, by using these types of other weapons like Throwable, Short gun, Assault Rifle, Snipper Gun, Melee Weapons you have to deal with your final blow and win a solo classic match.

So, these are the following steps that you have to complete to enjoy a chicken master title. I know to complete these steps is little bit difficult but for some people it is too much difficult to complete these steps for those people I am going to reveal many secrets to gain chicken master title in your BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) and PUBG.

Title Details

Name of TitleChicken Master or Chicken Expert
Duration of TitlePermanent
DescriptionWin 10 solo classic matches with different styles mentioned above

Follow the Steps Listed Below to get Chicken Expert Title in BGMI and PUBG

In general, if you want to win chicken master title in BGMI and PUBG then follow the basic steps below.

BGMI Chicken Expert Title
  1. Login into your BGMI game.
  2. Then click on the Mission option which is present on the bottom right of lobby.
  3. In Mission option you will find Achievements Section click on it.
  4. From Achievements section you have to click on Glorious Moments.
  5. In Glorious Moments Section you will find Chicken Master Title.
  6. Win 10 solo classics in different as mentioned above to achieve the Chicken Master Title.

Once you will complete your 10 solo classic wins in different styles your Chicken Master Title will be automatic unlocked.

Tips to Get Chicken Master PUBG Title Fast

Battleground Mobile India is fantastic game but Chicken Master Title achievement in this game is not easy because you have to play alone in a classic mode to achieve this title. Here we will provide you some important tricks and tips to achieve this milestone.

  • First trick is you will play a solo classic match including your friends its sound weird isn’t? but it’s true that you can play a Solo Classic with your friend. For this trick you and your friend have to click start button at the same time. I personally have used this trick so many times it’s really working trick in both BGMI and PUBH global. At the same time, you both have to join the Same Server.
  • After starting the Classic Solo match don’t go for kills just play safe and sound and always avail Chicken Dinner.
  • I will suggest you to team up with your enemy and maintain your winning streak.

Although achieving Chicken Master Title in BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) and PUBG is not easy but when you achieve this title you get Chicken Suit which will increase your speed 10% as compared to your competitors.

BGMI has almost 10M downloads and very popular game across the India. For your any query we are always here to help you. If this article is helpful for you let us know in comments section.

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