How to Change Character Gender in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India)?

Hey guys, all BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) lovers hope you all are fine and enjoying the BGMI. This article is a tutorial about How to Change Character Gender in BGMI including male to female, hairstyle and skin color. Character in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) is something through you can express yourself and your skills to other teams.

Welcome to this article is about the changing of character gender in BGMI and PUBG. While our first account we don’t focus on these things and BGMI (PUBG Mobile India we continue and setup our account. But with the time when we become pro player we think about How to Change Character in PUBG (BGMI).

Here is the complete guidance and step by step information about how you can character Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Global.

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Ways to Change Character or Gender in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India)

Two genders are available in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) and PUBG: These are Male and Female. There are two possible ways through which you can change character gender in BGMI an PUBG.

How to Change Gender in Battlegrounds Mobile India through Inventory

First install Battlegrounds Mobile India on your smartphone device Android or iOS.

Android –Play Store

iOS– App Store

Login to the game BGMI and tap on Inventory present on Right bottom of Lobby.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Gender

Tap on Appearance icon present on the left side of screen.

Appearance layout

Here you can Customize gender, face, hair and hair style.

Customize your appearance in BGMI

When everything done press OK and Purchase the selected Character using BP.

Purchase through BG Gender

Now you have successfully changed your Gender in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India).

Note: In order to change the Appearance of Character always select default Character.

Change Gender from Workshop

Fist you have to Click on Workshop section present at Right Bottom of Panel.

Gender Change in BGMI through Workshop

Once you have clicked Workshop now choose your Default Character.

Note: If you have mistakenly selected some other Character, then change it to Default Character by tapping on the Switch Character.

 Now click on Appearance icon present on the right side of screen.

Appearance Change in BGMI

Here you can easily Customize player gender, face and hair according to your choice.

Customization of Player

Once Customization completed Purchase using BP


You have successfully changed your gender in BGMI through Workshop.

How to Change Character in BGMI

This section of article contains information about how you can change character other than male and female in BGMI. According to the 2021 update of BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) it contains four other character other than male and female.

They are Victor, Sara, Andy, and Carlo.

Here are some ways and steps to change character in BGMI:

Change Character in BGMI from Inventory

Download and install BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Android – Play Store

iOS– App Store

Login in to BGMI and tap on Inventory section present on right bottom of panel.

Tap on Inventory to Choose Character in BGMI

After clicking Inventory now click on the Switch Character at the left side of display.

Switch Character in BGMI

Tap on Use any of character which is available.

Select your Character

You have successfully switched the character in Battlegrounds Mobile India or Indian PUBG.

Video Details about Change Character in BGMI

Congratulations you have successfully changed the Gender and Switched the Character in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India)

This is the way through which you can change you character appearance and customize according to your choice. In some events Krafton also sends some unique character to every player so wait for such events.

Hopefully this article is useful for to understand How to Change Character Gender in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) for any query let us know in comments Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot change the gender of Candy, Carlo, Sara and Victor in BGMI (PUBG Mobile India).

Yes, you can change both Character and Gender in BGMI (PUBG India) read the above article to understand how you can change gender in BGMI.

Yes, the whole process is discussed in above article that how you can customize appearance of player in PUBG.

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