How to Get Overachiever Title in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG have many titles. This article is about one of the easiest title of BGMI Overachiever. A newbie can get this Overachiever Title in BGMI after playing 2 months. This is the title every PUBG or BGMI player brags in front of his friends.

Welcome to we provide all information related BGMI like it’s titles Pacifist, Chicken Expert Title. Today our article is related to How to Get Overachiever Title in BGMI or PUBG.

Overachiever Title is one of the Easy Title in BGMI or PUBG. To get this title you have to achieve about 2500 achievement points in BGMI by completing various missions and tasks in the game.

How to Get BGMI (PUBG Mobile) Overachiever title?

Overachiever Title in PUBG

To get Overachiever Title in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) or PUBG follow the steps below:

  • Open your PUBG Game from smartphone and login into your account.
  • Go into mission section present at the bottom of Lobby.
  • From mission section tap on Achievements Section.
  • In Achievements Section tap on Glorious Moments section.
  • In Glorious Moments you will get Overachiever Title.
  • Complete you’re at least 2500 points and then claim your Overachiever Title in BGMI.

Note: To unlock Overachiever Title in BGMI or PUBG You just have to complete your required achievements points which are in range of 2500 then Overachiever Title will be automatically unlocked.

Requirements to Get Overachiever Title in BGMI

To claim this title in PUBG or BGMI you need following:

  • You need 2500 achievements in BGMI.
  • You must be in Platinum Tier or above in Solo Classic Match or Squad to get Overachiever Title in PUBG.

Thus by following guidelines by team tontonmelayu you can easily achieve this title in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Tips to Get Overachiever Title Fast

These are some tips for newbie to get this Overachiever Title in less time.

  • Always try to complete easiest mission from Achievement Section.
  • Play every type of mode in BGMI like (Arcade, TDM and Classic) don’t stick with single mode.
  • Purchase Royale Pass to get more achievement points in BGMI.

Recently BGMI and PUBG have launched v1.7.0 update in 2021. This update is full of new features including Mirror World, League of Legends, Arcane Monster and Carry feature.

You can Download v1.7.0 of BGMI from here.

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