How to Transfer PUBG Global Account Data to BGMI (PUBG Indian Version)

Since the newly version of Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI ( Indian PUBG)  is launched on 2nd July, 2021 online for download, the only anxious question is raising in player’s mind that How to share/transfer PUBG account from Android to Android and How to transfer PUBG Global account to Indian Version? But I want to give some vital information to players that company has promised for the Battle ground Mobile India Data Transfer from PUBG Global.

This post is important for you to allocate best knowledge about New BGMI App release, its installation and how you can get BGMI Beta Tester version on your device. I will also cover whole information that who can transfer data from PUBG to PUBG Mobile India iOS and Android. Here you will also get complete cell of experience to know about time limit of transferring data, rewards associated with PUBG Global.

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Who Can Transfer PUBG Global Account Data to BGMI (Indian PUBG Mobile)?

Most of the players are suffering problem to know that who can share data from PUBG game App to the newly launched Indian PUBG and I thought that it’s a major point to tell the readers. The players who have login their PUBG accounts through Social Media Accounts like Facebook and Twitter IDs are able to share their data. Company already has promised that they will assure to facilitate this for PUBG game players and also ensure to give some bonus to jump on BGMI game app like in-game rewards and BGMI UC.

How Much Time Limit is to Transfer Data from PUBG to BGMI?

Many of the online platforms were quoting the date of 9th of July for data transfer but till now it’s working. Company has not yet announced the data sharing final date since the PUBG Mobile India Release Date 2021 has joined the online installation to users. So here in my post I’m sharing the date till 31 Dec 2021, you can get this transfer and Login in PUBG Mobile Free Account quickly and get yourself on Indian version of PUBG (BGMI) right now.

Who Can’t Share Data from PUBG Game to BGMI?

The players who are using their ID through Google Play login are not able to transfer their PUBG game data to BGMI. It’s just because of that Google is not supporting the browsers who are embedded ones so Sign in from here is not working for data transfer facility. To overcome this issue you are suggested to join the BGMI, PUBG Mobile India with their newly created accounts.

How You Can Do PUBG to (BGMI) Battleground Mobile India Data Transfer?

When you are transferring data from tap tap PUBG and BGMI Mobile (global) then first you should know how to link PUBG with Twitter and Facebook? Now go to your process to link your PUBG global account with your twitter account. If you are facing any error then you can also use VPN option to clear that through an account which is possible to work from foreign country with VPN. Meanwhile if you have your account linked with Facebook account then you must know first to how to link PUBG with facebook & how to unlink twitter from PUBG then simply go for unlink your Facebook account which is connected to PUBG Global account. And then go for data transfer from PUBG to BGMI.

PUBG Data Transfer to BGMI Indian version

Above mentioned procedure is must to follow before performing to transfer data. I will tell you simple and easy steps for transfer of data from your PUBG Mobile Global account to BGMI. Follow these below mentioned steps respectively;

  1. First and foremost step is to install fresh new BGMI app on your android or iOS device.
  2. Simply tap to open your BGMI installed app through your social media account which is already in use for your PUBG Global game app working in your device.
  3. When you login your newly installed BGMI, there you go on an option Account Data Transfer Privacy and Social Sectionand tapping this you will find another option “Yes” on your screen page.
  4. You will be asked for permission to transfer data to New App and there you click the option of Yes, Please Continue.
  5. Following this step go for further process to know all the terms and conditions.
  6. Now login your twitter or facebook account which you are using in your PUBG Free Account
  7. This facebook or twitter account login which you have already linked to PUBG Mobile (Profile) Account Login will follow your data transfer to New BGMI account successfully.
  8. After performing all of above steps it will require 24 to 48 hours time duration to transfer online data from PUBG Global to BGMI.
  9. During this time duration don’t try to login your BGMI Account repeatedly as it can follow your account to be banned or data transfer issues, so be careful.
  10. There you will set your in game name and profile setup with proper filling of the Profile setup options.

What You Will Get in Data Transferred from PUBG Global to BGMI (Indian Mobile PUBG)?

It was very common question which was rising in users of PUBG Mobile Global Account who have been transferring data from PUBG Global to BGMI that what they will get in newly installed BGMI while following data transfer. For this clearance the BGMI has told its users officially that what they will get in data transfer. I’m enlisting those resources which are given officially on BGMI platform.

  1. Game resources like Gun Skins, UC and Weapon Skins
  2. All character information in present your PUBG Global account
  3. All the settings for game
  4. RP Passes data
  5. All basic setups of your PUBG Global

Frequently Asked Questions about Transfer PUBG Account to BGMI

Ans: Once you tapped the data transfer option successfully then its starts frequently and officially its time to transfer data are 24 to 72 hours. However in most of the cases it takes less than 24 hours.

Ans: At the moment, the last date to transfer PUBG Mobile Account Data to BGMI is till 31st of Dec 2021. After this date BGMI will ban the data transfer and users will not be able to avail this golden facility.

 Ans: No, all the PUBG Global players can not avail the facility to share data to BGMI. Only those can transfer their PUBG data that have their facebook or twitter social media accounts linked to PUBG Global account.

Ans: It’s up to the developers to allow data transfer yet for another time. They may allow or not, so you are advised to share your data transfer as soon as you can.

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