PUBG Mobile: 9 Fast and Easy Methods to Earn Money from BGMI and PUBG

Welcome to all PUBG Mobile family. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is the PUBG version working in India right now. It’s also developed by Krafton and is a genuine Pubg with BGMI name. As it was the need of time to introduce BGMI because PUBG game is banned in India. So we can say it as Indian PUBG. All of it’s features work same like PUBG and you can also sell Pubg/Bgmi account as you have been doing pubg account sell right in PUBG game previously.

BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) as a Money Earning Platform

BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) is proving itself a worthy platform for earning money and has special standing position in India right now.  As a professional player of Indian PUBG, I’ll explain thoroughly that “How to Earn Money by Playing PUBG Mobile India (BGMI)”. Those who come for enjoyment while playing BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) are earning handsome amount with their gaming skills. Knowing this I’m feeling glad as young generation is taking interest in gaming field with their routine enjoy time and it is easy to tell you to get yourself to become special money generating player. Play Pubg and Earn Money app if you are fond of playing BGMI and now you guys look forward to enjoy games in less time passage with the use of Digital World of games.

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How much does pubg earn when you become skillful player of BGMI, It’s a strong question to be answered and people want to know about PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND) and Battlegroung Moblie India (BGMI) Pubg mobile right now. If you are not specialist in Editing or Games Developing Filed then no matter you can still get money with your BGMI playing passion. The only need is to have good device with fast internet speed and processing capability. Here I’m available for you to guide best and our site “” will definitely help you to join high rankings of money generating players.

Best Earning Ways for You in BGMI (Indian PUBG Mobile)

India is most populated country of the world and here the level of making money is bringing changes. In marketing of items selling, digital marketers has targeted gaming channel to advertise. Right now there are many ways to get handsome amount through playing different games. You can arrange and play tournaments in BGMI, Earn money via writing best contents on BGMI in your Blogging site, You can do it becoming eSport Player of BGMI. Start your YouTube Channel on BGMI and do it with your best experiences while playing BGMI. Sell pubg mobile account and Indian pubg (BGMI) mobile account. So I’m going tell you all that what the advertisers/marketers who have made easy to earn money from pubg through many types of authentic ways. Young generation double enjoyment when they play pubg and earn money app and I am giving you some magical suggestions for you to join earning track.

Use Instagram Platform for BGMI Page

Instagram is vital role playing platform for your BGMI earning theme. Now a days most of the people in India are connected to different Social Media platforms. Insta is one of those where people look forward to join usually. Pubg earn money through usage of Instagram page is easy tool if you have strong social connectivity. For this purpose you can earn money from Pubg by creating Insta page of BGMI. Once you create the page then start activity of uploading content like videos regarding BGMI updates, memes, wallpapers of Bgmi and many more. Upload your data with Hashtags followed by content.

Earn Money from BGMI and PUBG Mobile

I’m going to tell you in a simple way that how to earn money in Pubg Mobile with Instagram. When you perform regular activity while uploading BGMI content then it means your circle of followers increase gradually. Once it crosses 10k followers then different firms approach and offer paid promotion where you can groom through best earning.

Earn Through BGMI Blog

How much does Pubg earn, this is the common question when you go for blogging on BGMI. One can produce well calculated money while writing blog on BGMI. Blogging is a technical method for earning but it is a high potential money generating idea. It is bit difficult and not suitable for all to earn but is best for those who have some idea about blogging. Give your best to BGMI written blog and provide easy and well offered latest information then get some value from BGMI users. Once you put valuable and deeply researched content in your blog then you will get traffic automatically. This traffic is your asset and gradually increases your incoming traffic and earn from them when advertisement starts on your blog.

If you have no idea about blogging then you can also learn it simply from YouTube. Follow famous bloggers and start blog according to them. Consistency in your work is major key to your goal achievement.

Freelance BGMI Skills and Earn

As a BGMI players, if you are well experienced and hold a special stand in gaming sector, can grab opportunity of earning. Export your face of being BGMI expert via Freelancing channel. For this you can join Freelancing and Social Media platforms. If you are a good video editor and thumbnail maker then it can be handy tool for you. Join the platform and look for those who are not healthy in thumbnail and games video are not good. Contact them and ask about your offers with concession packages and introduce yourself in their market.

Organize/Play Tournaments or Events on BGMI (PUBG Mobile India)

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is vast to earn and one of earning method is to play tournaments of this game and win the rewards. Many of the sites are working on for players to join and show their playing skills through winning awards. These sites offer free services as well as some other sites offer paid tournaments to play. Even though BGMI itself is offering eSport for players on its official website of Battleground Mobile India, the latest PUBG Mobile. However the player should be highly performer and contain high win ratio. He will have to win from 19 Pro teams players then will get real money award. Then I must say that it’s a bit difficult one task to maintain win throughout.

Now I’ll share my earning experience and will tell that how to earn money from Pubg with latest name BGMI. Organize tournaments and make sure to create interest for players to join your tournament. Simply conduct more and more games and put some cash awards for winning players or team to get attention and more players to join. I’ve earned more than 2000 US dollars by arranging tournaments. For example you arrange tournament where 35 INR entry/per player and 90 players join.

Calculate as 35*90 = 3150 INR           

Here set 18 INR per kill for players to make them attentive to join. Even though all 90 players are killed then

 90*18 = 1620 INR

If you place 700 INR winning prize of your arranged tournament then 1620+700 = 2320 INR total amount invested.

Now calculate total earning for you as 3150-2320 = 830 INR earning.

Become an eSport Player of BGMI

PUBG Mobile which is introduced as Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is widely played game in India. BGMI has given a feature of earning for its player in itself as eSport. Keeping in view the focus of players is diverting to earn, BGMI quickly responded and contained its users under eSports development officially by BGMI. So, a skilled player can make sure to earn through experience which he/she has earned by spending time to play many PUBG Mobile tournaments and events.

Stream Your BGMI and PUBG Play

Expert players of BGMI can do this streaming on different internet social media channels. Play your game with video stream on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram etc and once you get positive response from traffic then start monetization. But this is not a easy job to do. It is little bit a hard task but to catch the final destination consistency plays major role. At least one video should go on stream in a day. Whenever you are posting video then make sure that your Keyword research is optimum and title is best one to rank on followed by thumbnail of your video. All these are required to grab traffic otherwise it will take longer period to start earning for you with game play video stream.

Youtube Gaming Channel

YouTube channel is hard one to start and earn from it through BGMI. When you feel that you can deliver good playing skills to other junior players then it is the time to start YouTube channel. You can give tips and tricks about BGMI on your channel. Your device should be up to the mark for its start and processing speed, uploading videos and streaming videos live should be done easily on device. Give tips and tricks about how to sell PUBG account on YouTube channel videos.

Earn from PUBG and BGMI by YouTube Channel

Your earning will start when you will get 1000 subscribers of channel and 4 thousand watching hours. YouTube channel can be a handy source of income for you if you manage it by doing proper SEO, titles and thumbnails are attention grabbers.

Earn if You are GFX Designer

A good GFX designer can earn handsome amount from BGMI Custom Mascot logos and making graphical thumbnails. GFX designer has high demand in gaming industry right now. Good looking Logos and Thumbnails are the reason to find better attention of users. If you don’t know designing then don’t be afraid and simply go on YouTube and search for graphic design course there without any charges. Learn and do practice for GFX and place your offers to BGMI players about designing.

BGMI Game Accounts Selling

Battleground Mobile India accounts are also valuable and one can earn from these accounts selling. Sell PUBG Account if you have account level which depends on dresses, gun skins, vehicle skins and most importantly upgraded guns. This level will definitely give remarkable money.

So always make sure to increase your account value through games titles. Titles like Dominator, Warlord, Crew Challenge Winner, Mythic Fashion are highly valuable and accounts which contains these are high price tag holder in the market. Royale Passes are also value increasing factor of BGMI Account.

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I hope this article is helpful for you to understand that how you can earn money from BGMI and PUBG Global. For any query let us know in comments Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earn money from PUBG Mobile India by arranging tournaments with reward money and per kill amount, still you can earn commission amount.

Yes you can sell your BGMI or PUBG Mobile account getting handsome money if your account level is above than Platinum Tier.

eSport is upgraded feature officially by BGMI to earn money remaining within the BGMI platform.

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