PUBG Mobile India (BGMI) White Body No Recoil Hack File Download Link 2021 (100% Working)

BGMI PUBG Mobile India

BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) is the PUBG version for only Indian people. BGMI is only playable in India. When PUBG Mobile got banned in India it creates a huge impact on the Indian eSports Ecosystem. PUBG remains banned in India for almost 8 to 9 months. After 9 months BGMI launched in India it is also known as PUBG Indian version. It is full of fun for PUBG fans because BGMI Engine 4 is used to create 3 D sounds.

PUBG Mobile India (BGMI) White Body No Recoil File Download Link

Download Link

BGMI White Body No Recoil Config Details

Playing BGMI was not easy for newbies. In this section, we are going to provide you BGMI White Body Config File, through which you can easily locate your enemy hidden in the grass or crawling in like a snake in the grass. Before providing you the download link of the BGMI White Body file this file is only for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Besides this White Body File, we will also provide you No Recoil file for Battlegrounds Mobile India through which you can enhance your spraying skill using AR or SMG in BGMI.

Hack No grass no recoil white body hack file BGMI

BGMI (PUBG) No Grass file new update

Note that this provided will change with updates. So if one of you is facing difficulty downloading the file remain in touch with our website to gain the latest updated White Body No Recoil file for Battlegrounds Mobile India. It improves the gameplay, further, no fog, no grass, no snakes, and has 90 FPS unlocked.

PUBG Mobile Indian White Body NO Recoil File Download (2021)

BGMI white body file is a special featured file or a MOD. When you download this file you can locate your enemy from Long Distance. With the download of BGMI white body enemy body changes to white so he became visible. Moreover, it also increases the Z index if in BGMI MOD Apk your enemy hides behind the wall but you can easily locate him due to more Z index of your enemy than the wall.

PUBG Mobile No recoil white file hack BGMI

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What is Recoiling of weapon?

Recoiling is a phenomenon in which when someone fires from a gun it exerts a force on the bullet as a result bullet exerts equal force in opposite direction but in the BGMI MOD No Recoil file this recoiling is zero so you can easily use different guns like AKM or M762.

The purpose of No Recoil BGMI MOD File is to finish the recoil of weapons when you fire the bullet from the gun. So the zero recoils will help you to enjoy the Chicken Dinner in BGMI by defeating all of your enemies. So these files are very helpful for your better gaming experience, download these files and enjoy the virtual Earth of BGMi APK.

How to Install White Body or No Recoil File in BGMI

The download and installing process of BGMI White Body No Recoil file is so easy. If you have never installed any config file before then follow the instructions and arrangements that we are going to share with you.

  1. Download the White Body No Recoil File from the start of this section from the Download Option.
  2. It will lead you to a link containing BGMI No Recoil File in Zip format.
  3. Since the file is in Zip format you have to use any decomposer like WinRAR or any other extractor to extract the file.
  4. After the folder has been extracted open this and then duplicate the folder.
  5. Now follow the path like this goes to Internet Storage > Android >>Data Folder> once the file has been copied paste the extracted file here.
  6. Replace the existing file by clicking the Ok.

This is all about the download and install process of BGMi White Body No Recoil Config once you have done it. Congratulations You Can Enjoy Your Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK v1.6 Hacked Version.

Is It Safe To Use White Body No Recoil File in PUBG Mobile India BGMI?

On the main ID, it is not safe because sooner or later it will be detected by Krafton Security. This can lead to a permanent or temporary ban on your account. So we will suggest you don’t use any MOD or Hack file on your main account if you have a lot of UC and premium inventory. If it works fine on your main account you can use it at your own risk.

For all MOD files, we recommend another dummy account rather than the main account because due to these files your main account can be banned therefore we don’t suggest these hacks on the main account.


Although the use of White Body PUBG Mobile is free of risk. But it is MOD file if you have a premium account and Ingame Currency like unlimited UC then avoid the use of these files on your main ID. Since the Krafton security of BGMI is becoming strict day by day if you discovered by Krafton they will ban your account permanently.






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